Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Man Who Can't Be Moved

It doesn't take much for me to love a song. For as long as the lyrics are nice and sensible, and the tune is pleasant, I would make time to download the song into my ipod. But this song, from a three-man Irish band -- The Script, is markedly different from the songs I have recently downloaded & sing along to when I'm alone in the office. The lyrics play on a range of emotions, from plaintive and positively melancholic, to hopeful and optimistic. The singer's wonderful voice tugged at my heartstrings... it's just a very beautiful song. It's so good that I am not ashamed to admit that it's way better than my fave -- David Archuleta's latest single -- Crush.

The link to this amazing song -- The Man Who Can't Be Moved -- can be found here. ENJOY :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lives Intertwined -- E-heads

Almost everyone I know (or at least those who were either in high school or college during the pinnacle of E-heads' fame) has their own Eraserheads' story. For me, the cheesiest one, but easily the most memorable, was my and my bestest friends' drunken rendition of With A Smile after high school graduation. We were all understandably distraught then, none of us were going to the same college -- I was going to Ateneo, my best friend was going to La Salle, one was going to UST, another to UAP. With A Smile was THE song that we sang to remind us that we were going to be alright. And what do you know, we are still the best of friends after 11 years.

When I went to the E-heads reunion concert last Saturday at the Fort, I was immediately struck by the obvious -- the sea of people trying to get inside the venue also had their peculiar E-heads story, or stories... I saw high school friends, college friends, older now, maybe wiser, wearing their most comfortable outfits, with bright smiles and twinkling eyes, eager to go down memory lane and reminisce the good ol years, the romanticized past. From the moment the band hit the first chords, I was transported to a time when everything was simpler, when I was more idealistic and carefree, when I was at the height of my YOUTH. I, along with the strangers beside me, were one with the music, shouting SEMBREAK with such fervor, knowing that, as members of the workforce, we no longer have sembreaks. No matter that the concert was cut short due to Ely's heart condition, I had my 'bottle of memories' when I left the Fort that night. There was an undeniable thread uniting all concertgoers that night -- the music of E-heads somehow made possible the existence of intertwined lives -- lives which, without E-heads, would not have intersected or found common ground. Kaming lahat -- parang naging isa.

Ely, Raimund, Marcus and Buddy, thank you for making me an uber-happy girl last Saturday. Sana ay maulit pa. Gusto ko talagang marining uli ng live ang Magasin.